Week Three-Spring is Coming!


This week it's almost as if I could feel it in the air. Even with the bit of snow we saw in Vancouver (twice actually), the sun showed up more often and there are signs of it in the gardens. I am so excited, as I am every year, for the change of seasons and while I still love starting a fire each morning to take the chill off, I'm already looking forward to planting seeds, cleaning up the flower beds and having our first bonfire of the year! 

So this week my theme for the Kim Taylor Simple Style Challenge is "Spring is Coming". Whether you never really saw much of a winter or you are still knee-deep in snow, I'd love to see what your world looks like this week~  And- if anyone heading into Autumn is following along- let's see how YOUR seasons look as you head into this time of transition!

Have a wonderful week friends!


Kim Taylor