My life isn't what it once was. The landscape looks different, the house has changed, and the day to day is often unfamiliar territory. But what hasn't changed is my need for home and the comforts that it provides. To me home is something that is a part of who we are inside. Home doesn't have to be a building with four walls or have a yard. Home can have wheels or be 10 stories up. Home is what you make it. But what home means for me is a place of peace, where you can walk in, take a deep breath, and relax.


For me it's about the little things that add up to the big story. It's the food that we buy, the time we spend preparing it, and then sitting around a table with friends or family and the conversations we share there. It's about the things we put in our home, like photos and furniture and plants.  And for me, walking into this next chapter, I'm really really reevaluating what things I want in our home and how I can go about parting with the things that no longer add to my life. I'm doing that same sorting with my closets and the things in the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. I want to start being mindful of the things that I purchase, whether it is clothes or food or goods for our home.  I want to start spending less time thinking about the things I have in my life and more time thinking about the people I have in my life.


A few years ago I blogged and I enjoyed connecting with people and sharing stories and recipe for inspiration. I think we all need inspiration and we find it in so many places. I would love to be able to offer that when it comes to home and food and gardens and occasionally, if I'm lucky, travel. I know that my circumstances have changed and I know that I may have less opportunities to do some of the things that I loved in the past. However, I really want to be able to pair down on all of the noise and the clutter that has been accumulated over the past 20 years and instead really focus on the things that matter. I hope this can be a place where we can share ideas and benefit from each other's vast collection of knowledge.


So happy you are here.